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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

A Win-Win Partnership

By Patrick Hicks, Principal Consultant

WIN Brands Group, located in New York, NY is building the ultimate house of brands.  They acquire exceptional consumer-focused companies then accelerate their lasting growth by plugging them into an omnichannel operation of leading experts and shared resources – of which NetSuite is at the central core.  So, instead of a retail brand trying to scale alone, every brand that joins the WIN family becomes part of a ready-made community, and instantly benefits from decades of expertise, shared operational costs, and economies of scale.


It’s a tried and trusted model that the WIN Brands Group have implemented across a broad but carefully curated portfolio of businesses spanning everything from fitness accessories (Qalo) and outdoor/lifestyle (Love Your Melon), to home decor (Gravity Blankets) and fragrances (Homesick).  No matter the market, their brands all share three things in common: an obsession with making consumers happy, a hugely passionate fan base, and clear opportunities for growth.  Their shared services team is built around the areas required to supercharge growth, with world class experts dedicated to supporting their brands based on their needs.


And that is exactly where NetSuite and their partnership with Bresatech comes in.  Starting a little over two years ago when they were just a one-brand business Bresatech helped WIN Brands Group migrate their financials from Quickbooks as well as built the foundation for seamless communication between their eCommerce platforms and logistics partners.  The latter required leveraging NetSuite’s world-class ERP platform with a custom-tailored set of integrations and processes to help streamline order flows between all of their critical infrastructure partners.   


NetSuite’s real time visibility into the WIN Brands Group financials allows the company to report on each individual Brand’s performance as well as in a consolidated manner to help the leadership team make informed decisions based on the health of the company.


As WIN Brands Group acquires additional brands, they can depend on Bresatech’s continued dedication in making sure those new brands plug into the platform we have built together with ease and efficiency.  So much so that the WIN Brands Group has since engaged us for long-term support of their NetSuite environment and for all future phases!

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