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A Premier Consulting Partner

Bresatech is a trusted Pega Premier Consulting Partner, helping businesses implement Pegasystem's world-class digital transformation software. With our expertise and dedication, we create impactful and tailored solutions that deliver accelerated ROI and speed to market. We are proud to be Pega's go-to licensing and certification experts, ensuring our clients have access to the very best tools and technology. Contact us today to find out how we can empower your business to achieve its goals.

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We provide consultation, implementation and support for the following Pega BPM solutions:

& Certification
Decision Hub
Robotic Process Automation

Are your systems keeping pace?

You operate in a fast-paced environment where the only constant is change.  Legislation doesn't stop.  Your citizens expect transparent application progress, real-time decisioning, and on-demand access to information.

Pega is the best-in-class software solution trusted by global brands to offer thoughtful user journeys that increase engagement and deliver operational efficiencies for the demands of a licensure environment.

Licensing, Certification and Permitting

Partner with confidence.

No need to sacrifice citizen-focused features in order to modernize your IT systems. You can do both, rapidly. 

Make an Impact for Users

  • Custom user journeys

  • Real-time feedback and notifications

  • Automated decisioning of license applications

  • Custom routing for faster response

  • Workload management for staff

  • Citizen-focused features

  • Custom applications, emails, errors and fee schedules

Better People = Better Results

  • Deep industry experience

  • Long-term partner engagements

  • Been on the other side of the table

  • We know what it takes to be successful on a modernization journey

Achieve Outcomes

  • Lower system maintenance

  • Speed up features time to market

  • Respond to change with enhanced business agility

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Reduce operational overhead so staff can work on meaningful work

Shorten the Time to Value

According to a third-party study, compared to Java, Pega is:

  • 40% faster at mobile development

  • 8 times faster at analysis and design

  • 8 times faster at introducing change


Licensing Configurator
Accelerator Toolkit

Respond rapidly with confidence.

Our premier no-code accelerator for launching and maintaining license applications.
Bresatech's Licensing Configurator empowers agencies to consistently deliver a licensing application that adapts to changing regulations.

Say goodbye to sacrificing internal processes and customer experience just to meet legislation deadlines. 

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"Our partnership with Bresatech, combined with Pega's low-code application, allowed us to have a quick and seamless transition without any effect on our processing times or response rates."

Lauren Hibbert | Deputy of State, State of Vermont
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