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Consulting & Implementation

Interested in process mining and how it can transform your business? Look no further than Bresatech. With our vast expertise and use of innovative technology, we can help you gain insights into how work gets done and deliver value at the speed your business requires.

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Celonis is the global leader in execution management who pioneered the process mining category when they first developed the ability to automatically x-ray processes and find inefficiencies.

What is process mining?

Process mining is the analytical discipline for discovering, monitoring and improving business processes by extracting data from event logs readily available in today's information systems enabling users to fully understand how their core business processes run and find the inefficiencies getting in the way of performance. Process mining provides objective, fact-based insights, an 'X-ray' of your business processes in a more effective and efficient way than any subjective process mapping workshop ever could.

At the Office

Benefits of Process Mining

Reveal and fix hidden inefficiencies, FAST.

Make cutting costs, cost less.

Get clarity on how work REALLY gets done.

Differentiate with superior customer experience.



Implementation for existing and new use cases (business processes) to expand process mining usage


Process optimization for NetSuite ERP and Pega customers with Celonis


Data driven business process consulting and optimization using process mining

Discovery Package

Move forward with confidence.

Bresatech will conduct 1:1 meetings and a workshop to create an inventory of potential business processes for Celonis process mining. We will guide, evaluate, and prioritize the business processes to help you achieve the greatest success in your process mining and data analytics endeavors. The Discovery Package will provide a summary and recommendations for processes that can leverage Celonis’ process mining tools. Bresatech will also provide a Statement of Work (SOW) for implementation services, including Celonis Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing costs. The Discovery Package ensures that clients who are new to data analytics and process mining are set up for the highest probability of success by carefully targeting process areas with the impactful ROI and the simplest technical implementation path to begin their process mining journey.
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