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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Liquid Death Mountain Water

By Michael Headings, Principal Consultant



Liquid Death Mountain Water has experienced tremendous growth over the past two years.  This growth required Liquid Death to add functionality to their NetSuite instance for seamless communication of orders to their third-party logistics partners and streamline order entry from Liquid Death distributors that would eliminate manual order entry.  Bresatech had an existing relationship with Liquid Death, so they knew of the expertise, experience and solutions that Bresatech would bring to the table.




Liquid Death was formed by Mike Cessario and three other partners in 2017, after watching concert goers refilling Monster Energy drink cans with water.  With a tagline of “murder your thirst” and a focus on health and sustainability, the company has grown into the fastest-growing, non-alcoholic beverage brands of all time. 


This explosive growth meant that Liquid Death needed to streamline and automate many of the daily functions within NetSuite that were currently being done manually.  The first major issue was sending order information to their logistics partners.  This traditionally had been done by an export from NetSuite and then edited in Excel, finally being emailed to the logistics partner.  The process was labor intensive, prone to errors, and was delaying shipments.  Liquid Death wanted to automate this process and only manage exceptions.


The second issue was entering orders from the distribution network into NetSuite.  Traditionally orders were entered manually by the Liquid Death sales reps.  However, due to the growth, the sales reps turned into data entry clerks, instead of engaging in the strategic sales growth efforts.  Liquid Death wanted a solution to allow the distribution network to self-service themselves and interface directly with NetSuite to create orders, and view invoices and order history.




Bresatech was engaged to solution these two mission critical issues that were limiting Liquid Death's growth ability. 


The solution included:

  • Implementing TrueCommerce as the EDI provider for Liquid Death.


  • Implementing SuiteCommerce to provide a self-service portal for Liquid Death distributors.


  • Heavily customizing SuiteCommerce to the unique business needs of Liquid Death and ensuring that distributors followed agreed terms and conditions.




The partnership with Bresatech and Liquid Death is still ongoing with the Distributor portal going live on January 1st, 2024, with a phase 2 to add additional functionality to start in mid-Q1'24.


The TruCommerce EDI solution was successfully implemented, and Liquid Death immediately saw a reduction in errors, shipping delays, and daily manpower. This allowed the logistics group to focus on growing the logistics network instead of paperwork.


Utilizing NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce module, Bresatech engineered a solution that would allow Liquid Death distributors to self-service their accounts, by providing access to invoices, update profile information, such as addresses and payment methods, and enter orders directly into NetSuite.

 SuiteCommerce was customized to be intelligent to handle LTL and full truckload information, automatically indicating load size based on pallet weights, automatically deciding how many truckloads were required and if they met the Liquid Death terms and conditions.  Specific distributor product pricing was assigned using pricing groups and lists to ensure contract compliance. 


This SuiteCommerce implementation will free the Liquid Death sales reps from being data entry clerks, manually entering orders, and allowing them to focus on distributor support and growing the distribution network.

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