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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Scalability for Revo Brands

By Michael Headings, Principal Consultant



Due to Revo Brands significant growth and acquisitions, it became apparent that Quickbooks could no longer support the business.  Revo Brands started investigating fully integrated ERP systems that would allow them to be flexible and allow for future growth.  Revo Brands engaged Bresatech for their NetSuite implementation due to their decades of NetSuite experience, understanding of the Revo Brands business, and recommendations of current clients.  The outcome was a successful implementation of NetSuite that transitioned the company off Quickbooks, standardized the sales and logistics process across all divisions, while going live on schedule and within budget.



Revo Brands, based in Plymouth, MN, was founded in 2008 with a focus on the DIY segment of the shooting accessories industry.  Since its founding, Revo Brands has built a reputation for premium, high-quality cleaning and tool accessories designed with the end user in mind.  The company has seen significant growth resulting from a relentless focus on exploiting existing market gaps while also creating new product categories.


In 2021, Revo Brands acquired Outdoor Edge Cutlery to complement its current product lines.  Outdoor Edge was founded in 1988 and has a passion for innovation and excellence, which has resulted in a diverse portfolio of patented, award-winning, performance-driven knives and tools that a wide range of consumers have come to know and trust.


Both companies used Quickbooks to track financial data, however, each used different methods to capture sales, track inventory, and handle logistics.  The challenge was to provide a platform that supported both companies' unique sales channels, while providing standardized accounting and logistics.  




Bresatech took a holistic approach by first understanding each brands’ uniqueness and then created a long-term strategic plan that allows for the efficiency gained from standardizing processes, while keeping the unique identity of each brand. 


The solution included:


  • Migrating 36 months of historical financial data from Quickbooks into NetSuite and standardizing the data from both brands.

  • Migrating inventory, assemblies, and kits from both brands into NetSuite, while enforcing standardization of these items across the brands.

  • Training users in all aspects of NetSuite.  From Sales and Logistics to Finance.

  • Creating customized dashboards and reports to meet the requirements of management for financial and operational transparency and performance tracking.

  • Integrating NetSuite Connector with multiple ecommerce platforms, along with EDI connections to large retailers.




The partnership between Bresatech and Revo Brands is an on-going, long-term partnership, with Bresatech providing consultation on new initiatives from Revo Brands.


Revo Brands talked to several NetSuite implementation partners, but in the end, decided on Bresatech, due to the principal consultants taking the time to understand their business and willingness to make NetSuite conform to Revo Brand’s business practices, not the other way around.

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