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NetSuite Optimization

Overcoming Post-Go-Live Challenges and Optimizing with NetSuite ERP SUITE


 A Case Study



Recently a medium-sized manufacturing firm implemented NetSuite ERP to handle its financials and streamline its operations.  Despite dedicated planning and preparation, challenges emerged post-go-live, impacting day-to-day operations and efficiency.  This case study examines these challenges and illustrates how Bresatech’s team of NetSuite consulting experts addressed them, ensuring a smooth post-go-live transition to the new system.



Ineffective Processes: Business teams were burdened with additional tasks adding complexity to processes that felt more efficient prior to the cutover.  In some cases, the Finance team gained better exposure to more accurate data but at the expense of adding unnecessary complexity to the Operations team’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Item Master Incompatibilities: Product and Operations teams faced difficulties managing item definition and maintenance as they tried to align product and order data with external platforms handling commerce, 3PL and warehousing.

User Adoption Hurdles: Employees faced difficulties adjusting to the new ERP system, leading to resistance and decreased productivity.  Many were accustomed to legacy processes and found the new interface overwhelming.

Data Migration Issues: Despite rigorous data cleansing and migration efforts pre-implementation, inconsistencies and inaccuracies were discovered post go-live.  This jeopardized the integrity of financial records and operational data.

Customization Requirements: Company-specific workflows and unique business needs necessitated customizations within NetSuite; however, the in-house team lacked the expertise to implement these changes effectively, leading to delays and suboptimal configurations.

Training Gaps: The initial training provided during implementation was insufficient to equip employees with the necessary skills to navigate the system efficiently.  As a result, users were unsure about performing routine tasks, leading to errors and frustration.



The company engaged with Bresatech’s seasoned NetSuite consulting experts to address the following post go-live challenges effectively:

Holistic Process Review: Bresatech’s consulting team performed a system health check to identify key areas of functionality that appeared to be inefficient and then lead workshops including team members from various functions to identify changes that maintained accuracy but increased efficiency.

End-to-end Integrations Review: Bresatech’s integrations experts performed a refined review of the key integrations in respect to entity and transactional data focusing on master data configurations and requirements.

User Training Workshops: Bresatech’s consulting team conducted tailored training workshops, focusing on hands-on learning and practical scenarios.  By imparting relevant skills and knowledge, they empowered employees to leverage NetSuite's features efficiently.

Data Cleansing and Validation: Leveraging their expertise, Bresatech’s consultants conducted a comprehensive data audit to identify discrepancies and inaccuracies.  The consultants then devised data cleansing strategies and implemented validation rules to ensure data integrity moving forward.

Customization and Optimization: Understanding the company's unique requirements, the Bresatech consulting team implemented customizations within NetSuite, seamlessly aligning the system with business processes.  The team also optimized searches, workflows and configurations to enhance performance and usability.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Recognizing the importance of continuous support, Bresatech’s consulting experts provided ongoing assistance post-implementation.  The consultants addressed user queries, resolved issues promptly, and offered guidance on system optimization and best practices.



With the assistance of Bresatech’s NetSuite consulting experts, the company overcame the post go-live challenges and achieved the following outcomes:

Increased Efficiency: Teams across various functions were able to work more efficiently completing more tasks with fewer steps yielding more consistent and accurate data.

Improved User Adoption: Employees became proficient in using NetSuite, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.  User satisfaction improved significantly as they gained confidence in navigating the system.

Enhanced Data Accuracy: Data integrity issues were resolved through meticulous cleansing and validation processes.  Accurate financial records and operational data provided management with reliable insights for decision-making.

Streamlined Operations: Customizations and optimizations tailored to the company’s needs streamlined workflows and improved process efficiency.  The system became more agile, adapting to evolving business requirements seamlessly.

Sustainable Success: Ongoing support and maintenance ensured the long-term success of the NetSuite implementation.  With access to expert guidance and assistance, the company continued to leverage NetSuite effectively, driving growth and innovation.


The case study of this company underscores the importance of post-go-live support and expertise in ensuring the success of ERP implementations.  By partnering with Bresatech’s NetSuite consulting experts, organizations can overcome challenges effectively, optimize system performance, and achieve sustainable business transformation.  Through tailored solutions and ongoing support, companies can unlock the full potential of NetSuite ERP, driving growth, and profitability.

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