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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Revolutionizing Operations
with Field Nation

By Michael Headings, Principal Consultant



After years of disjointed processes, multiple disparate systems, and frustrations on the perceived limitations of NetSuite, Field Nation partnered with Bresatech to create a customized long-term strategy for meeting Field Nation’s current operational challenges, maximizing NetSuite’s capabilities, and transforming Field Nation’s operations to handle future endeavors.  The first phase of the strategy has been implemented and Field Nation is seeing the benefits and has started work on the second phase.




In 2008, Founder and CEO of Field Nation, Mynul Khan witnessed companies see the potential of integrating contract and on-demand labor solutions into their core business.  Workers began embracing flexible work opportunities that allowed them to make use of their talents while maintaining a balanced life.  Mr. Khan observed the growing opportunity for skilled IT professionals to work with service companies was being hampered by insufficient means to connect.  He saw a barrier to work, and solutioned a way through it.


Field Nation created an easy-to-use, integrated platform, that solves a critical problem of sourcing on-demand, skilled technical labor.  Companies leverage the Field Nation platform to connect with vetted talent to supplement their full-time employees and subcontractor relationships.  For the technicians, Field Nation allows the opportunity to set their own hours and work how/when they want.  Field Nation combines the inherent flexibility of on-demand labor, while providing a heightened degree of visibility and control on who is representing the companies’ brand onsite.


FieldNation setup NetSuite to handle the financial aspects of their business, leaving their proprietary systems to handle the daily interactions with their client basis.  Temporary workarounds for transferring information from one system to another gradually became permanent, creating no authoritative “holder of truth” for the data.  This created multiple layers of reconciliation done in spreadsheets to ensure data accuracy.  If an issue was discovered, multiple teams and databases needed to be engaged to find the correct data and correct all the other data points.




Bresatech was engaged to look at Field Nation holistically and provide recommendations to transform the disorganized systems into a thoughtfully engineered and optimized solution that addresses immediate needs and long-term business goals.


The solution lets every system “do what it does best”, with Field Nation’s platform handling the daily customer interactions, while NetSuite handles all financial transactions, including sales tax.  This was combined with Boomi to provide a standardized platform for automatic data exchange between all systems.


The solution included:

  • Implementing Zonebilling within NetSuite to handle the unique subscription models used by Field Nation.


  • Using Boomi to automate the creation of subscriptions within NetSuite from Saleforce and other databases based on certain criteria.  Along with transforming and standardizing the data.


  • Implementing NetSuite Advanced Revenue Recognition to properly account for deferred subscription revenue for prepaid items.


  • Creating custom deferred revenue waterfall reports for efficient reconciliation.


  • Implementing custom client invoicing that interfaced through Boomi with the client facing website.


  • Implementing Zonepayment for client invoice payment and application of credits.



The partnership between Bresatech and Field Nation is still in operation and moving into the second phase of the long-term solution.


The first phase addressed the standardization and automation of data exchange between systems while allowing for Field Nation’s engineers to modify the data exchanges in real-time, providing flexibility as the company continues to evolve.  In addition, automating the entire client subscription process created efficiency gains that allowed staff to focus on other business tasks instead of data entry.  Finally, the implementation of ARM, has allowed for the proper accounting of deferred revenue and has enhanced the financial reporting package.


The second phase will address the standardization and automation of non-subscription work orders.  Using Boomi to again set up standardized data exchanges between the systems, the need for Sales Orders will be eliminated and invoices will be created automatically within NetSuite.  This will significantly reduce processing time to create invoices and produce financial reporting.


Field Nation feels that Bresatech is not just NetSuite implementors, but a long-term business partner that is invested in the company’s success. Rather than traditional implementation companies that do take the time to understand the business and offer only “canned” solutions, Bresatech takes the time to listen and understand the business while offering creative solutions for long-term success. 

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