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Innovative services and solutions that make recruitment, simpler.

Contract Staffing

We understand the requirement of contract-based projects and help you find candidates for short-term agreements. These experienced candidates are diverse consultants who can provide and develop effective solutions for complex problems under minimal amount of time.

Full-time Staffing

Our full-time individuals are the ones who are a great culture fit for your companies. We perform due-diligence and screening of not just their skill but their overall personality as well. Do you need a smart worker instead of a hard worker? Someone who can work with an ease under tight deadlines? Someone who can lead a team? We got you covered.

Contract to Hire

Our partnership with diverse global recruiters helps us explore options through which we source extremely skilled and ambitious individuals. We screen the individuals personally before we connect them with companies. For contract-based hiring, we understand the need for speed and ensure a smooth flow of interviews, onboarding process etc. Our contract to hire strategy is personalized as per your staffing needs.

Project-based Hiring

The launch of new products and services can make you go helter-skelter in hiring new talent. We partner with you for providing an endless stream of highly-skilled talent who understand the needs of your new projects. By ensuring a seamless onboarding process, we help them adjust to the new work environment without any hassles.

Executive Hiring

Exemplary leadership is quintessential for the development of a businesses. We’re well connected with global tech leaders and executive leadership to help you throughout the hiring process. Our dedicated recruitment team will deeply analyze your business needs and how the right leader can steer it towards growth subsequently which we screen individuals and organize meetings for you.

Retained Search

The usual challenges of retaining contract-based associates or consultants are known. We are well-versed with this situation and offer solutions for retaining the associates. We work closely with you to understand the areas that need improvement and reform your strategies to help associates build a better relation, thereby, a longer and a more fulfilled bond with the company.

Onboarding Strategy

It’s natural for every organization to have an onboarding strategy. We partner with you for making associate onboarding a smooth process. The idea is to a create a personalized process that helps the associates understand the culture of your company from day 1 to fetch maximum productivity, connect them with the existing team, and get ahead with the orientation.

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