Why choose Bresatech?

Our process-driven approach and services transform all aspects of Businesses.
Who are we?

We are a community of Pega engineers, BPM specialists, digital and technology leaders along with UI/UX engineers and testers who strongly vouch for quality over quantity. Our team leverages proven approaches and gives businesses the right momentum to tap into opportunities. We work as a dedicated single entity in experimenting and exploring new avenues for serving our customers better.

Our services are poised as game-changing solutions for complex issues.

  • Core focus on Pega PRPC
  • Principle : We emphasize on Pega as the ideal tool for delivering latest innovation, cost-effectively.
  • Pega R&D : We have an internal research team that continuously takes up new challenges on Pega projects.
  • A comprehensive experience in Pega engineering and implementation with a successful record in Pega implementations.
  • Pega trained specialists : Our team is enriched by consultants and engineers trained by the best of Pega engineers; our team is exposed to various PEGA implementations as well.
  • Our operational model is the Hub and Spoke architecture.
  • The mentioned hub is the centralized center for research and support with the field consultants as the single point of customer contact.
  • The entire organization works as a single entity in serving the customers.
  • The major emphasis is on ensuring consistency and standardization across all customer engagements and deployments.
  • We cherish long-term partnerships and collaborative engagements with our customers for obtaining sustainable outcomes and accelerate project development.
  • Customized guidance: Each business is different and we understand that. So, we sit closely with you and create custom solutions that best fit the nature of your business.

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