Bresatech has been instrumental in offering its solutions and services to organizations globally.

Ever since its inception, Bresatech has been instrumental in offering its solutions and services to organizations globally. We have worked with diverse customers, companies of sizes big and small, and industries ranging from banking and finance to advertising, health care and insurance to communications and customer service.

We offer a dedicated and competent path for product development that includes a wide-range of automation services, workflow and process management etc. We understand that each customer has a distinct requirement and that business goals vary. Keeping that in mind, it designs solutions and offers customized services to enhance businesses and help them evolve. These solutions are always scalable and efficiently built with a futuristic vision; they can be utilized for streamlining and automating complex processes. Our workflow management provides a vast spectrum of end-to-end capabilities using which customers can integrate with external systems, create better communication between users, and integrate charts and analytics in everything they perform. A few things our BPM services offer:

  • UI/UX applications
  • Development and deployment
  • Planning release pipelines
  • Testing
  • Launch support
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Managed services
  • Process governance and business process monitoring

We offer a vast range of advisory and consultancy services that help businesses start their journey or begin again if they’re stuck. Bresatech aims to smoothen the development process for all the parties involved including the developers and customers by leveraging domain-driven architecture. Our advisory model is built to scale efficiently, which means that we undertake consultancy for something as small as an application development to a full-fledged enterprise level end-to-end services. We have Pega specialized engineers who are equipped with a great deal of experience for implementing Pega tools for streamlining process and workflow management. Our advisory team also helps teams validate their products, work closely with them in fetching user feedback and gain market reception in crafting user-centric experiences.

We offer the following:

  • Assessment and review of solutions
  • Optimization of business model and applications
  • Reviewing design and architecture
  • UI/UX reviews
  • Performance reviews

Bresatech is truly driven by innovation and positions it as the cornerstone for development. To continuously take up challenges on Pega projects and apply modern techniques, we have built an in-house lab which is our R&D unit of the organization. In this, we build effective business solutions on Pega platforms and understand how businesses can benefit from implementing these solutions. We identify the pattern in the various areas of optimization in the modules of the Pega applications to build and offer specific value-added services on them. This is usually done to accelerate the development and eliminate any redundancies or errors. We have an array of sections in our labs to help our customers foray into realms of innovation.

Analytics Labs

  • In this, we prototype various analytics including Predictive/Adaptive modeling, Data Visualization, Sentiment & Text Analysis, Marketing Offer Optimization, Churn Reduction, and so on.
  • Implement and apply analytics to specific customers like Media and Communications, Insurance, Finance etc.

UX Labs

  • We develop user-centric experiences by engaging design thinking, Lean UX etc.
  • We prototype UI designs, and optimize the existing UX for improving user retention.

Mobility Labs

  • We understand the nature of our customer’s business and study the behaviour of their user base to identify if there is a need for a native app or a web app.

Integration Labs

  • As we constantly work on bridging the existing gaps, we introduce building adapters for third-party solutions and frameworks that help businesses thrive in the current global economy.

Upgrade Labs

  • If a business needs to upgrade to Pega, we undertake the efforts of smooth migration to Pega 7.
  • Custom upgrade.
  • Identification of the ROI estimation of the upgrade.

Performance Labs

  • Our expertise in conducting timely performance simulations can resolve complex customer concern by enabling a highly functional architecture.

Bresatech is qualified and experienced in carrying out Pega delivery services that help its customers in address major technology and business concerns with an ease. We understand that the nature of each business varies and we dedicate ourselves to crafting tailor-made services to augment the business solutions. We help customers strategize and better plan their offerings to ensure a higher customer retention rate which leads to viable outcomes as well. We ensure that its development process meets Pega’s Center of Excellence guidelines. The wide-range of services go far beyond development alone. We undertake building user-centric applications on both Web and Mobile, help migrate businesses from traditional monolithic architecture to Microservice architecture, get businesses on mobile to increase their customer retention and attract more tech-savvy customers. We have a pre-built analytics dashboard that is powered by Big Data for fetching constant user data and it helps the customers perform Data Processing and Data Streaming to build better experiences. Some of the services also include:

  • COE and program management services
  • Application development and support
  • Digital transformation like cloud, DevOps
  • Migration services
  • Implementation of intelligent and actionable analytics
  • Omni-channel experiences
  • Mobile compatibility implementation

Bresatech’s ability in Pega’s specialized services gives it an added advantage of accelerating the development. The team has a combined experience of nearly 80 years, especially in designing and delivering Pega services. It transforms complex issues by adding technical feasibility and business perspective so that problems can be approached from a more realistic and holistic point of view. Pega powers us with a unique benefit of leveraging the most modern and finest of frameworks and approaches to experiment with low-risk solutions and offer our customers highly sustainable services. We put user experience first and foremost and for that reason, we prototype user stories, UX etc. to derive solid user-centric solutions that are personalized as per the choice of the user’s needs and wants. We incorporate Lean UX approach to craft user-centric apps and to accelerate the pace of development; this also helps the customers fetch market feedback and integrate the feedback on-time through continuous integrations. Here are a couple of services we offer:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Evolutionary prototyping
  • Business architecture services
  • UX review and optimization
  • Assessment of solutions and design

We take pride in long-term and sustainable relationships with our customers. We have an exclusive engagement methodology for our customers, that helps them solidify the team’s self-sufficiency. This is also a cost-effective methodology for long-term projects and services. We understand the customers’ requirement and based on that, we customize a methodology. The intent of this programme is to enable the customer’s project teams on user level as well as technical level. This enablement is performed to build a significant self-sufficiency in BPM technology for the customer’s team so that they can start owning the application development and maintenance in the near future. We offer operations and maintenance support whenever required.

Bresatech’s comprehensive staffing solutions have helped several organizations globally to fill the gaps in hiring talent. We work closely with our customers in understanding their organizational culture, defines the values, and the requirement for talent. Right from screening applicants, conducting/organizing interviews to designing a simple onboarding strategy, we have the expertise in managing a myriad range of services. Our connections with technology leaders and executive leadership can also help bring trustworthy, well-experienced leaders onboard. We ensure the onboarding strategy holds the big picture of the company to assure the new talent feel at home from day-1 itself. We are also experienced in carrying out successful orientation programs for the HR department and new talent for a constant alignment of organizational culture, meeting business goals, set targets for each quarter, and so on. As recruitment partners for organizations from diverse industries, we have been successful in matching great talent with global leaders and premier firms, while exponentially reducing the time and efforts for the customers too.  The services include:

  • Pega trained talent
  • Contract staffing
  • Full-time associates
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Project-based hiring
  • Executive leadership
  • Retained search
  • Product partner
  • Team expansion across different cities
  • Onboarding strategy
  • Try & Buy

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