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Bresatech is a Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation solutions provider delivering innovative Pega implementations. Through our Center of Excellence, we provide Pega BPM and RPA adoptions in an accelerated timeframe, while being committed to customer success. With a global delivery model, our portfolio spans across Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing and Automotive sectors. Bresatech’s offerings include Field Service Implementation, UI/UX Consulting, Dev Ops, Mobility and all facets of Pega’s powerful technology.

Field Service Implementation

Partnered with Pegasystems, Bresatech has built and tested the core dispatching functionality associated with 8.2 Field Service. The synergy between our engineering team and knowledge of SME/Operations gives us unmatched depth to be the leading provider for any client looking to leverage Field Service Implementation.

Dispatch done right

Embedded since October 2018, our engineers have been directly developing Field Service with Pega Product Engineering. We know production launches are critical, and our investment in 8.2 is built to optimize agent scheduling within the dispatcher process to yield maximum productivity.

UI/UX Consulting

Based on fundamentals and informed by user research and testing, our UI/UX team delivers thoughtful designs that reflect your business needs and requirements by implementing UX principles and disciplines as they were intended.

What good is a UI if it’s just guesswork?

Uniformed opinions on a project are no different than siloed thinking.
If your application or product is going to be successful, let its design be tested and iterated upon, not built by assumptions.

What happened to failing fast?

Your business deserves more than just quick wireframes and output to developers. UX was built upon the foundation of exploring users’ needs with multiple design iterations and testing. If you don’t find your product’s failures before implementation, your unhappy users surely will.


Bresatech is proud to be certified in Pega Mobility Engineering Development for mobile applications and stand-alone iOS mobile development projects. Our offshore engineering teams are working partners with Pega for new features and rigid testing of the latest in Mobility Development solutions.

Dev Ops

With experienced engineers and leaders, Bresatech helps our clients define and develop automated testing, deployment pipelines and processes, and collaborations for all cornerstones of the journey encompassed by DevOps. Our proficiencies include continuous integration, automated testing, code coverage and metrics based on automated code promotion, leverage of machine learning and intelligent data harvesting.

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