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Bresatech was founded in 2017 by Jessey Lee, an ambitious entrepreneur who wanted to develop a top-tier technology company built on relationships and backed by world-class technology. Our premier partnerships with Pega and NetSuite, in addition to our powerful Innovation Solutions portfolio and experts, have given us a reputation as a leader in Digital Transformation and Modernization.


Our alignment with Pega and NetSuite enables us to offer consultation, implementation, and support for the most reputable and trusted technology solutions on the market. Additionally, we are proud to be certified as a Minority Business both Nationally and by the State of Texas. We are also Nationally recognized as a HUB-Certified Business. 


As a Nationally Certified Minority-Owned Business, we believe a diverse workforce provides countless benefits that affect both the company’s culture and bottom line. At present, we proudly boast approximately 38% diversity across gender, age, and race. 


Currently, we employ more than 60 people across 13 states in all five U.S regions. Our U.S headquarters is based in Plano, TX with an additional Texas office in Austin. In the past year, we have increased our revenue by more than 60% and have grown our workforce more than 800%.

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Extreme company growth calls for a larger role in developing the company’s sales and services.


[PLANO, TX - SEPTEMBER 23, 2020] Bresatech, a Premier Pega Partner and NetSuite Alliance Partner, has promoted Matt Bomberger to Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations. This promotion comes approximately 15 months after Bomberger was hired as Vice President of Sales and Operations.


“I knew I wanted to help build this company, and I knew I had the experience and relationships needed to help our founder realize his vision,” says Bomberger. “We have been intentional in hiring major IT experts and have seen intense growth because of that strategy. I’m excited to put these prime players in a position where they can be successful for themselves as well as the company, and most importantly our clients.”


Bresatech is in its third year of operation and has grown significantly in 2020. President and CEO William Martin says, “Matt has been vital to Bresatech’s growth and sustainability. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have increased total sales revenue by 60% under his leadership this year. I believe that is due largely to Matt’s strong work ethic and solid growth strategy.”


The company was just seven people when Bomberger joined in June 2019. Bresatech now employs more than 60 people working in 13 regional offices across its three divisions: Pega BPM, NetSuite ERP, and Bresatech’s own Innovation Solutions.


Founder and Chairman Jessey Lee admires Bomberger’s character and mentorship mindset, saying, “We got more than we expected with him, and we expected a lot. We initially hired him based on his proven track record and more than 20 years of selling consulting services in our markets. He is an excellent mentor and well respected throughout our company and his network. We grew a great amount more than we projected in year one with Matt, and we expect even more growth in 2021.”


“We have so much more work to do, great work that will put us in a position to become a global entity,” says Bomberger. “This past year we put a lot of effort into building the foundation. The growth we experienced during this time was unexpected and is a true testament to putting the right people in the right roles. They are on a journey with us to do something really special, and I’m humbled to work alongside them.”


Bresatech recently opened its Austin, TX office and has plans to open another U.S. based office in 2021. Bomberger attributes Bresatech’s success to the White Glove Experience it strives to create for its clients as well as the high quality of people.


In regard to his role at Bresatech, Bomberger says, “Jessey and William put a lot of faith in me. I want to thank them for trusting me, and I will strive to keep making them proud of the work I do at Bresatech.”


About Bresatech

Bresatech is a digital transformation and modernization company that believes in effective, sustainable technology. The company’s custom BPM and ERP solutions are backed by the world’s leading technologies through Preferred Alliance Partnerships with Pegasystems and NetSuite. Bresatech has also created its own Innovation Solutions division to provide its clients with professional resourcing and technology solutions in the form of Applications, Infrastructure and Operations, Data and Analytics, and Program and Portfolio Management.


Bresatech is certified as a Minority Business both Nationally and by The State of Texas. The company is also nationally recognized as a HUB-certified business.  You can find more information about Bresatech on its website and social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter




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