Taking you from an idea to product with velocity and efficiency.

An innovative program that blends Lean Startup Methodology and Design Thinking to build low-risk quick solutions for Startups. 

A dedicated approach to thinking and scaling at startup speed.

Start with a vision

Taking your idea forward and building a product begins with formulating and visualizing the vision. Our team of developers and designers sit with Startups and early-stage companies to understand the big picture of the product and see how it can make a difference.

Domain-driven Architecture

The approach of domain-driven design architecture towards a problem helps us understand the domain of the product, its unique value proposition, and the unfair advantage it has over the competitors. This also brings in transparency for both the developers and Startups as both can work towards building a product that matches the business requirement.

User Experience

Our digital initiatives are rich with intuitive and engaging user experiences. With the aid of design thinking mindset using several post-its and colour coding for picking what works for us and what doesn’t. We develop user personas, journey maps, user stories etc. depending on the ideal outcomes.


The core principle of Lean Startup Methodology is ‘Build-Measure-Learn’ loop that fetches early user feedback and market reception. Through this, we gauge what features work and what don’t. These learnings help us in integrating the new changes and giving the users a personalized experience.

MVP-Driven Approach


Our pre-built automation environment lets us plan everything in advance - right from the development to the release pipelines. The build automation server is constantly running to perform automation tests and continuation integrations. This gives products an advantage as it minimizes bad builds, dependencies and increases product quality.

Delivery Cycle

When we are approached an idea, we perform a discovery to understand the needs and requirements of a business. Based on the discovery report, we divide our development cycle into sprints and release plans. We work along with businesses to release an MVP with essential features in 8-10 weeks.

Want to launch your product within weeks?