Integration & Customization Services

Valued and thoughtful development to expand and improve the needs of your business.

Integration & Customization Services

Is your business looking for a completely connected environment that takes advantage of Netsuite’s powerful solutions? Bresatech can help you integrate NetSuite with your existing applications and platforms such as EDI, order processing systems and standalone CRM applications such as Salesforce, e-commerce and standalone web stores.

Whether your applications are onsite or cloud-based, we can help you implement a flexible and scalable NetSuite integration for your business that will streamline, consolidate and simplify business processes, your supply chain and decision making. Integrations we offer

E-commerce platforms and marketplaces
real-time synchronization of inventory, product information, sales orders, customers, fulfilment and shipping information.
CRM systems
synchronization of customer, contact, account, sales orders and billing information between systems such as SalesForce and NetSuite.
integrations using third party tools.
External web stores, websites and portals
synchronization of sales orders, customer information, inventory, item/product details and billing information with NetSuite.
Other systems and applications
synchronization of bulk or batch processing jobs and data such as order processing or EDI systems.

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