Bresatech has been instrumental in offering its solutions and services to organizations globally.

Ever since its inception, Bresatech has been instrumental in offering its solutions and services to organizations globally. We have worked with diverse customers, companies of sizes big and small, and industries ranging from banking and finance to advertising, health care and insurance to communications and customer service.

Omnichannel experiences: We have helped diverse banking and finance companies to build omnichannel experiences so that their customers can interact with them on any platform. This increases efficiencies and user retention because of the flexibility to engage through any medium.

Data-engineering: We have enabled an analytics platform that can crunch large volumes of data to understand the users and study the reason for conversions and drop-offs. This helps in crafting more engaging user experiences; the marketing team can craft better ad campaigns to attract potential users.

The customer decision hub: We have implemented Pega’s customer decision hub which comes reinforced with predictive, real-time intelligence. This helps organizations make well-informed business decisions.

Businesses nowadays are maintaining their competitive edge because of process led transformation. Through our BPM managed services, we offer businesses a more targeted methodology that cuts down the hassles of managing development, people, and services altogether at the same time. As a low-risk and efficient provider of managed services, businesses can focus on delighting their customers while we focus on managing it all as a single entity.

Automation: Bresatech’s experience in working with several insurance firms has made us realize the requirement of an automation platform. We have built an automation platform for companies which also come along with intuitive chatbots that perform tasks humanly impossible.

Data engineering: It has implemented analytics platforms for processing and studying data to ensure a personalized experience for its users. We use modern technologies like Big Data to run our analytics platforms in the most effective manner.

Pega 7 powered dashboard: Bresatech has worked with global healthcare leaders in crafting easy-to-use dashboards and tools powered by PEGA 7. The intent is to streamline the services and cut down the chaos by offering a solution that can be maneuvered by the associates.

Customer service: As partners of Pega, Bresatech powers its customer service partners with the goodness of Pega Field Services using which the associates can track the performance of the field agents and the field agents, in return, can use the mobile app to seek directions and better guidance for fixing the customer concerns.

Pega 7: As we are trained on Pega 7, we can build an extensive layer of services customized to the customer’s choice.

BPM: We’ve implemented Pega’s Business Process Management tools to streamline the operations and workflow in manufacturing companies. These end-to-end services take care of everything right from development and deployment to testing and validation.

Automation: We understand how manual and redundant tasks can hinder the tasks and slow down the working. To reduce that, we have introduced an automation platform that can act faster than an average human being. This comes reinforced with BPM, analytics etc. that performs operations with a velocity.

High-technology: We’ve integrated AI-powered chatbots and systems that undertake even the most complicated work and process them within minimal time. This ensures the organization meets its business goals and generate viable outcomes. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen businesses thrive and evolve after implementing modern technologies and approaches.

Mobile app: The Pega Field Services comes with a mobile app which makes tracking and monitoring the customer service a smooth experience. Through the mobile app, the field agents can navigate the routes to customer locations, follow the guidance of technical experts from the office and ensure that the customers expectations are met.

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